[Elite] Edgeless Microfiber Detailing Towels (16 in. x 16 in. 360 gsm) 5 Pack

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Premium, versatile, 360 GSM, edgeless microfiber towel for all car detailing needs. Perfect for cleaning, polishing, and wax removal.

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  • 360gsm
  • 16″x16″
  • 75/25 Blend
  • Fine Yarn
  • Edgeless
  1. Multifunctional Use: This towel is capable of performing a wide variety of detailing tasks including glass cleaning, chrome polishing, interior dusting, wax and polish residue removal, and quick detailing tasks. It’s designed to be the jack of all trades for any car detailing need.
  2. High-Quality Material: With a fabric blend of 75% Polyester and 25% Polyamide, this microfiber cloth is soft yet durable. The split microfibers are responsible for its excellent cleaning and polishing ability.
  3. 360 GSM: This term stands for ‘Grams per Square Meter’ and denotes the density of the microfiber. A higher GSM means a denser, thicker, and more absorbent towel. The 360 GSM of this towel makes it highly absorbent and effective for cleaning and drying.
  4. Dual Pile (2Face): The towel has a different pile length on each side, giving you versatility in cleaning. The short pile side is designed for cutting through wax and polish residue and for glass cleaning, while the long pile side is ideal for use with quick detail sprays and waxes.
  5. Edgeless Design: The edgeless design ensures that the towel will not scratch surfaces, making it safe for all types of vehicle finishes, including paint and clearcoats.
  6. Size and Quantity: The pack contains five 16″ x 16″ towels, a practical size that can be easily handled and is perfect for all detailing jobs. The towel can be folded into four to create eight different cleaning surfaces.
  7. Safe and Effective: The towel’s microfibers can even handle stubborn stains and water spots. When used dry, the microfibers are gently abrasive to break apart wax and polish for easy removal, without damaging the paint or clearcoats.

In conclusion, the Autofiber Elite Edgeless Detailing Microfiber towel is an all-rounder in the world of car detailing. Its high-quality fabric, dual-pile design, edgeless construction, and ability to tackle various tasks make it an excellent choice for professionals and car enthusiasts alike.